It’s been a while, peeps! I hope you’re all ok. I notice not too many people are actually look into this blog…that might be just as well! It’s been a bit of a lean time what with work drying up and all, but God is good and has blessed me with a bit of work to allow me to bolster the kitty.

I am still musing over the priestly aspect of worship leaders and musicians. a couple of things actually. One is something Marie Lees said this sunday night just gone; and that is that (I’ll quote approximately) “…God’s Spirit within you is there to work out His will in your life. It has nothing to do with what you feel like”. I am particularly impressed with this last sentence, because for quite a while I have been observing the emotional behaviour of all sorts of people from all sorts of Christian places and events (I confess to being a people watcher). More particularly; a varying degree of inability to separate soul from spirit. “If it feels right, it must be right with God”  is not necessarily a good premise.

This touches on how we respond to music and what people say about it. How many times has Church – with all good intention – set up a huge local “Christian Rock” event with all the lights, staging, hired bands etc, all to the tune of many thousands of pounds, only for a couple of dozen faithful teens to walk in? Why does that happen? Poor publicity perhaps? (I use the term “Christian Rock” only as a descriptive…technically there’s no such thing).

Does it have something to do with the plausible possibility that the lure of the buzz and excitement of just such an occasion has replaced the genuine leading and unction of God’s Spirit? There is no methodology in reaching the lost. I myself have had to learn this the hard way too. You can set up as many lights as you like, have as many bands as you like, have the craziest fun DJ’s and all the rest of it. But when only a dozen people turn up, lumbering local church with a debt it will struggle to repay, are we going to learn that the buzz of the emotional experience is no substitute for the real move of the Spirit? A Church that will remain nameless put on a beauty and therapy event and was happy to have ‘therapists’ involved who were free to practice Rake – a chinese occultic practice – amongst other things. No-one seemed to know any different. The desire for the experience had replaced basic doctrinal knowledge, here.

The advance of technology and multi media as well as the plethora of christian music around us seems to have replaced the basic requirement of prayer and fasting to get a result. Anyone – including myself – who has ever set up even a small event of some kind will tell you that there is a great deal of thankless and unacknowledged labour that goes into setting up a ‘bash’ – even a small one.

This is partly why I don’t bother too much’s too much graft! Besides, I’m busy enough. However, I have been thinking about doing something again sometime. Problem is that the host church of wherever you might go to minister these days rarely pull out the stops in prayer and fasting; then we all wonder why either noone comes or noone bothers returning to the host church as a consequence of ministry. Are we still relying too much and the presentation and pizazz of the evening? do we simply end up with a ‘vote for jesus’ rather than a real conviction?

I don’t want you to think I’m Church bashing. The only thing I’m interested in bashing, is the sparkly veneer of showmanship that has been stuck onto the precious gold that is the Word. I want to rip it off and burn it!

You’ve seen Time Team on the telly, haven’t you? The way they scrape away the dross and dirt to expose something precious that no-one has seen before. I believe that God is starting to move His people to look for that which is precious. By His Spirit, He will slowly – and for some, painfully – scrape away the veneer and dross and dirt that has been deposited by us which has hidden the things of God which we used to know so well. We have buried that which was precious and replaced it with something experience-based which the church of only a few generations ago knew nothing about. We have grown tired of looking at gold and covered it with a sparkly jazzy veneer which has hidden the Glory of God beneath something cheaply made and cheaply available.

I am thinking of doing an evening of meditation specifically for the unsaved. Now the unsaved are spending a great deal of money into meditation. Why? Because we are all looking for “inner peace” and calmness of spirit etc., quite apart from “inner meanings”. I am thinking that an event set up with live meditational music (inspired by the Holy Spirit) with one-to-one Christian ministry available, nice lights etc., would be good. There is no need to try and educate the unsaved about meditation…they probably know more than we do anyhow. They only have to be aware that it’s Christian meditation…something not exactly high profile on the self-help market right now.

The beauty of it is that the Holy spirit will have unbridled access to the minds and hearts of the people looking for peace. Did not Jesus reach out to the lost? Isn’t it great that we could simply give the Holy Spirit room and time to do His stuff? Isn’t it nice that we won’t have to sweat out a ‘word’ about meditation for the evening and labour with technology to make it happen? Wouldn’t it be good not to have to work hard to make the glitter stick, and just let the Gold of God’s Glory shine out?