What a great time we all had at the Abiding In God’s Presence weekend here at the King’s Church! Many stepping out into worship in new ways for the first time…lovely. The “water lamp” caused a stir (pun not intended), creating rippling water on the floor and the ceiling. I must buy another…

Victoria Mackenzie said something most intriguing. Like me, she has a healthy scientific interest in God’s Universe. She pointed out that when you “tune into” God’s “frequency” or vibration, you can receive the things God has for you…rather like tuning into a radio station (I’m paraphrasing here). All things are vibrating or “flashing” at certain frequencies. Me and you as human beings are ‘flashing’ in and out of existence 300,000 times per nanosecond. That means that half the time, we’re not here. The rest of the time, we’re in the spiritual realm. I can dig that, no problem.

I only have one thought on it as I mulled this over across monday. You and I know that God is outside as well as inside and through all things. He cannot be contained or explained by our laws and understanding of science and quantum physics.

I totally grasp and understand what was said, but I would humbly hypothesise that God is not the ‘frequency’ or ‘vibrations’ themselves, but rather it might be more accurate to say that the frequency and vibration of God is actually emanating from Him…the same way that you see ripples on the surface of the water, but not the wind that causes them.

so God is not the vibration, but the vibrations are of God. See what I mean? You can feel the heat of a fire, but you cannot put your hand into it or look upon it for long before it sears your eyes or face.

Are you tuned in?