Definition of a miracle:

1. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) an event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause

2. Any amazing or wonderful event

3. A person or thing that is a marvellous example of something

I personally subscribe to version 1, don’t you? But aren’t they infrequent? Usually I find myself trying to use the term “miraculous” as a descriptive of something really good and beneficial that has happened to me or around me. But I find myself asking, “is it truly a miracle?” I think I was aware in my spirit that although I wanted to believe it to be a miracle, on reflection it only appears to be ‘miraculous’. Those who are not persuaded by divine action and design call it ‘convenient’ or ‘lucky’.

So I find myself now having to understand that I am right to call a particular chain of events and the subsequent outcome ‘miraculous’ because it’s a manifestation of my efforts to make sure that I give glory to God for all things, even if I can see how things have come together. so I’m not wrong to use it as a descriptive, but perhaps this understanding of the term’s proper application has helped me look for the real miracles of God.

I want to see stuff happen that cannot be associated to fortunate chains of events, so called ‘coincidences’ or that cannot be explained; indeed even outside the normal parameters of physics and the laws of nature.

I am hoping and believing in faith for a work unit at the bottom of my garden. I need to get my printing equipment and music equipment out of my house (I’m sure it stares at me when I’m not ‘working’). I haven’t got the money, I have no resources as yet, so in the natural it simply doesn’t look likely. I could re-mortgage, but that is disqualified as a miracle; that’s just me.

a good customer of mine – and rapidly becoming a good mate as well – is a guy who is a local electrician. I designed a corporate logo and image for his business and did his business cards and wrote up his van accordingly. He now wishes to change the name. cutting a long story short, a moment of divine inspiration came to me: “ZAP Electrical”. I didn’t even have to think about it (this is the Spirit working through me, not by me – see previous blog “The Lord has Spoken Through Me”). It turns out that there is no company in the UK by that name – only a few in the States and Canada – and the domain name is freely available. I could not have possibly known this. Not to mention the advantages of alphabetical listings.

A miracle? I think it probably is, because an aspect of it – my ability to know certain information – is outside the laws of nature, so yes I believe it to be a miracle…one that is truly prophetic….and it was GREAT!

One thing is for sure: Although some people  do not accept the work of divine will in this world we live in, it is fair to say that for those who believe, rely, trust and obey Jesus in all things, God is happy to tweak the thread-work of his tapestry of creation that is the universe to bring things together in a way that blesses those whom He calls His own. Non-believers may well call it ‘luck’, but as kids of the Kingdom who know their Daddy, we know what’s really going on. And because we can ‘see’ it, it’s miraculous.