You hear so many people use turns of phrases, don’t you? The one that came to mind was, “You’ve got a mountain to climb”. Another was “an uphill struggle”. These came to my mind as I was studying an excerpt of Exodus ch19…the record of Moses going up the mountain to meet with God. The 70 leaders of the Israelite tribes also followed but stopped at a distance on the mountainside. This was so they can bear effective witness to the tribes (on the plains below) of what they saw going on at the top of the mountain.

I started wondering about the climb that Moses had to undertake. I’m no theologian, but I’d reckon mount Sinai (in the desert of Sinai) was not exactly a molehill. Mountains in deserts tend to be fairly big chunks of the earth’s crust. When we go climbing these days, we kit up with helmets, tackle, hammers and pins, braces and all sorts of gear, not to mention Burberry overalls and boots. Moses had nothing of the sort. So his climb of the mountain was no inconsiderable feat; no rope and tackle, no boots, no protective gear, no gloves.

What state was he in when he got there? Not as fresh as Charlton Heston in the Hollywood movie I bet. He’d have chapped lips, cuts and grazes everywhere, dirty and probably torn clothing, and certainly knackered from the climb. What’s my point?

Moses had his “mountain to climb”. He had an almighty “uphill struggle”. What I want to put to you is this: When you face your ‘mountain’, or your ‘uphill struggle’, remember Moses’ climb of Sinai. Outside of the Kingdom of God, people use these phrases to focus only on the effort and the problem. As Christians, we may well face the same struggles. The difference is, that at the peak of our ‘mountain’ and the top of our ‘uphill struggle’, the presence of God is all-enveloping. It’s interesting to note that Moses didn’t simply stroll into God’s presence. It was truly a great task to undertake; importantly, he ascended into God’s presence.

We must of course face our problems. There may be cuts and bruises along the way. We may well feel we are alone in our struggle. But as we ascend our mountains and hills, we know we are getting closer to the glorious presence of God in our lives. He told Moses where to go to meet Him. And true to His word, God was there when Moses arrived at the summit. So continue your climb! It’s hard graft and sometimes will test your emotional integrity. But God is waiting to meet you at the summit.